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No Wider War


No Wider War is Symone's third solo work, originally created for Sophomore Review at Dance at Illinois in 2017. It was later developed and presented at StudioDance II at the world-renowned Krannert Center of the Performing Arts. In this work, Symone's foundations in ballet inform virtuosic movement and is juxtaposed against a pedestrian use of the voice as well as prompt-based improvisation.

choreography. Symone Sanz

music. Piel by Arca and Khachaturian Sabre Dance performed by Berliner Philharmoniker

lighting design. Kyle Condon

sound design. Tierra Taylor

photos. Natalie Fiol

special thanks. Sara Hook 

program notes.

every time i dance about you

people love it


i peel my skin back

like a banana peel

in strips

so they can see how

you touched my heart


i show them a story 

that has been filtered

through sieves and lenses

and they will never know

who you were

or anything close to

the complete story


but they love it anyway

they think its delicious

they lick up the blood that ran

from my heart

down the strips

pooled by my toes


and it hurts

but i’ll re-tear the strips

reread the story

dance about you again

because i can’t help it

and people love it


s . s .

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