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Naming the Dog (or, a photo of a flood part three)


Naming the Dog was Symone's contribution to the 2023 iteration of The Bridge Project, a residency for emerging choreographers developed by Velocity Dance Center.

choreography. Symone Sanz

music. It's Gonna Rain, Pt. II (1965) by Steve Reich, Give Me a Beat, Hands in the Air, and In Step by Girl Talk

dancers. Kelly Langeslay and Lyssa Morris

lighting + sound. Elby Brosch

costumes. Jake Hofeling

photos. Erin Johnson

special thanks. Heather Kravas + Kierra Nguyen

program notes.


This piece is a response to fase. That piece is by anne teresa de keersmaeker. This piece is not. This piece is by symone sanz. This piece is about race and abstraction. This piece is about layering time and space and references on top of each other. This piece was made with the help of heather kravas and kierra nguyen (they are very good dance makers). This piece is about two other pieces made in 2019 and 2020. This piece is about a piece called Arlington and a piece called DITCH. This piece is hiding something. This piece is on purpose.

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