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a photo of a flood.

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a photo of a flood. is Symone's first dance film. Developed in Perth, Australia with dancers from WAAPA in 2019, the film precedes Symone's current work-in-progress and has been presented around Western Australia and Urbana, Illinois. 80% of the human body is made of water. In this work, the relationship between the human body and bodies of water are explored. The cyclical nature of psychological and emotional patterns guides the dancers through disaster and reconciliation.

choreography. Symone Sanz

dancers. Elsa Bignell, Campbell Gateley, Ellie Matzer, Casey Triplett

sound design. Abbey Bradstreet

cinematography. Zane Jager-ancans

editing. Symone Sanz

photos. Symone Sanz

special thanks. Emma Fishwick and Fionn Mulholland

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